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How To Publish Your Featured Articles...

Having a Featured Article published is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build your credibility as an industry expert. At the end of the each article you are given the opportunity to gain free exposure for your business or affiliate program.

The Lessors Network is always looking for new high-quality contributors. If you have a passion for writing and would like to submit an article for consideration to The Lessors Network, you can do so by following the guidelines and process outlined below.

Why Contribute to the Lessors Network?

  • Your article will be published from the Breaking News section of our home page as a "Featured Article" and syndicated via Google News, Bing News, Social Media and our Email Alert distribution system landing on the desk of thousands of industry professionals around the world.
  • You will be able to include a by-line with hyperlinks back to your website at the top of your article.

Content Submission Guidelines

  • You may write about any topic relating to the commercial and/or governmental asset based finance markets.
  • Your contribution should be at least 400 words in length.
  • All charts and grafts must also be submitted separately in either GIF or JPG formats.
  • Headshot photo of the author in GIF or JPG format (Maximum 150x150 pixels).
  • Author Bio - maximum 150 words.
  • Optional Member Profile - maximum 250 words.
  • Articles may not have been published by other vertical market publications prior to publication on the Lessors Network.
  • Please note that we only accept high-quality submissions. If you are article is lacking in content or has grammatical or spelling errors, we will be unable to publish it.
  • You may include up to two hyper-links in your by-line.
  • The selection of articles that are published is highly discretionary and may be impacted by a number of factors, including timeliness, quality, length and originality.
  • Please note that because of the number of contributions The Lessors Network receives we are regrettably unable to provide detailed explanations of why we chose to publish or chose not to publish an article.
Authors Agreement...
Submissions are subject to our Terms of Use Agreement. Author acknowledges responsibility for the content and accuracy of article.

How to Contribute Featured Articles

Members may email a Featured Article as an attachment "doc" file. to Blue Arrow  Submit Featured Article.