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John Semon

John O. Semon - Founder

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John O. Semon, CEO of the Lessors Network a, Inc. company, began his career in the equipment lease finance markets in 1968 working for Litton Industries Credit Corporation, AVCO Financial Services, ITEL Capital Corp. and Chase Manhattan Bank N.A.

Prior to launching The Lessors Network, Mr. Semon served as a member of the Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., Asset Liability & Management Committee and was responsible for Chase Manhattan Leasing Company's "Government Finance Unit" where he built and managed the first bank owned private placement syndication program for tax-exempt leases.

In 1989 Mr. Semon founded Semon Associates, Inc., providing professional consulting and tax-exempt portfolio syndication services exclusively to the public finance markets.

In 1998 Mr. Semon founded the Lessors Network, recognizing the need and opportunity for a Internet platform to showcase and link equipment lease finance resources. Rated in Yahoo's "Top Ten Most Popular Equipment Leasing Web Sites", the Lessors Network evolved into an online vertical public relations platform showcasing funding sources, technology products and outsourcing resources exclusive to the equipment lease finance markets.

For a decade the Lessors Network produced upscale, professionally intimate showcase events at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Atlanta for an exclusive audience of equipment finance executives. With the crash of 2008, the Lessors Network discontinued hosting events and refocused all resources on Internet based platforms resulting in the largest equipment lease finance community on the Web.

Mr. Semon's past services as president and chairman of The Association for Governmental Leasing & Finance, a member of the Equipment Leasing Association's "Municipal Forum", co-founder and chairman of the Jurassic Lessors Association and as an industry spokesperson for the United States Congress have provided additional critical experience and national acceptance as a speaker, author and industry advocate.