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Activate/Edit Member's Multi-Channel Ads

Subject to our Terms of Use Agreement, The Lessors Network reserves the right to regulate the confirmation of all Ads to ensure the general success and overall well being of the Lessors Network Community.

The Lessors Network Staff will use the information you provide below to create your Member Ad Template for publication from the following multi-channel platforms:

No Graphic Art Copy Required ! Lessors Network Advertising Platforms use your company logo, the name and phone number of your designated contact person, Website link and a brief description of your company, products and/or services. (View Details Below)

Sample Member Ad Template

Summit Funding Group, Inc.
Lessors Network Shadow
Summit Funding

Summit Funding Group, Inc., working with companies of all sizes and most industries, has amassed a high performing portfolio in excess of $1.5 billion in equipment lease and finance originations.

Contact: Richard Ross - 513.489.1222
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