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The Funding Source Network

Funding Network

The Funding Source Network Offers Two Platforms To
Help You Find The Right Funding Source(s)

There is no charge to use the following platforms.

Blue Arrow   The Funding Source Directory represents the largest equipment lease finance community on the Web, pointing business leaders around the world to funding sources (Banks, Brokers, Finance Companies, Independent & Captive Lessors, Manufacturer/Vendors) responsible for a $1 trillion U.S. industry.

Do you represent:
  • A business seeking to identify a funding source for an upcoming equipment acquisition?

  • A Broker seeking a funding source willing to discount transactions you originate?

  • A Mfg./Vendor seeking funding support for customers buying your equipment?

  • A Financial Institution managing portfolio risk via the sale of assets from your portfolio?
Blue Arrow  The RFQ (Request For Funding) Alert Network broadcasts a brief description of your specific funding opportunity to thousands of equipment finance professionals around the world within a few hours. Funding Source representatives interested in your funding request will contact you using the contact information you provide in your Funding Alert.