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Team Gear Expands With Decorated Apparel Equipment Financing From Beacon Funding


Whippany, NJ, August 9, 2017 ( - Beacon Funding would like to acknowledge Team Gear’s decorated apparel equipment financing success. The lender is honored to have assisted the embroidery business in growing into a well-established enterprise specializing in sports team apparel.

Jeff and Dana Rappaport began Team Gear as an embroidery company in 2003. They had one 6-head embroidery machine and one 2-head embroidery machine with the hope to grow. They turned to Beacon Funding to expand into new product markets.

After Team Gear put their trust in Beacon, the business boasts 21 leases, including 7 screen printers, 4 embroidery machines, 2 gas dryers, and some laser printers and software. The partnership has helped Team Gear offer full sports team uniform packages and a variety of services including screen printing, embroidery, UV printing, dye sublimation, and laser printing.

“Beacon is our partner in financing,” Jeff Rappaport said. “They have a stake in the equipment. They want to make sure we get the right product.”

As a way to highlight the success Team Gear found with equipment financing, Rappaport participated in Beacon Funding’s Success Spotlight Program, which includes nationwide recognition for his business’ accomplishments through a variety of marketing and public relations efforts.

Beacon Funding continually utilizes the Success Spotlight Program to show appreciation for clients like Team Gear. Customer success is a direct representation of Beacon Funding’s mission, which is to help our business clients and partners achieve their potential.

“The relationship with Team Gear has been based on trust and focused on mutual goals. Partnerships like these only strengthen our commitment to assisting clients in reaching their goals.” Sean Evans, Manager of Business Development at Beacon Funding, said.

Visit the Beacon Funding website or call 847-423-0730 to learn how to be a part of the Success Spotlight program.

For the latest Beacon Funding news, go to For information regarding Beacon’s financing and leasing programs, visit .


For 27 years, Beacon Funding Corporation has been providing equipment financing solutions to all types of organizations and businesses throughout a variety of industries in the United States. Beacon Funding focuses on being a specialist in the select markets it serves. As a result, Beacon differentiates itself by offering start-up and existing business clients a wider range of equipment leasing and financing options. ​

​For more information, please visit .


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