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Bohai Capital emerges onto the global stage


By Liang Kaiyan | | Updated: 2017-12-06 10:27

If you take a trip to see Shanghai's ports, there is a good chance you'll see the Chinese-made containers baring the name of Seaco, the world's second-largest container lessor.

This scene takes place at Seaco's 176 port locations in 49 countries everyday, part of the Made in China phenomenon of the Chinese manufacturing industry. The most intriguing part is that Seaco, as a financing service provider in specific fields, is actually owned by a Chinese enterprise.

Bohai Capital Holding, the parent company of Seaco, is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China. As an international financial group principally engaged in specialized finance leasing business, it owns over 30 operating centers around the world and provides customers with leasing and financing services for products such as aircraft, containers, infrastructure and high-end equipment.

The company has been accelerating its emergence onto the international stage, particularly under the Belt and Road Initiative, aiming to boost Chinese enterprises' international influence.

"To be a leading global leasing company, we are committed to international cooperation," said Wang Jingran, vice-president of investment at Bohai Capital.

In 2013, Bohai Capital completed the acquisition of Seaco and soon helped it to become the world's second-largest container leasing company. Following that, Bohai continued to expand its aircraft leasing business by acquiring the New York Stock Exchange listed aircraft leasing company Avolon in 2016, as well as CIT's aircraft leasing arm in 2017. It thus empowered itself to become the world's third-largest aircraft leasing company.

To date, Bohai Capital, as a Chinese company, has finally paved its way to becoming a key player on the international stage of the leasing industry.

"The leasing business in aircraft and containers has large scale effects. By acquiring top-notch leasing companies, we can enhance our international competitiveness and learn from the overseas management experience, to provide better services to the domestic market," Wang said.

In 2016, Bohai Capital invested 40.84 billion yuan ($6.18 billion) in more than 10 industries, including infrastructure, civil aviation and new energy, to support the development of the domestic real economy in China.

As an expert in guiding Chinese companies in their bid to go global, Bohai Capital has also conducted business under the Belt and Road Initiative to enhance Chinese enterprises' competitiveness in global markets.

"Covering a large population and a huge economic scale, countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative are expected to witness rapid growth, which will bring opportunities for Chinese enterprises," said ZhuoYiqun, CEO of Bohai Capital.

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